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Stumps Attract Ants!

Pest control specialists consider tree stumps "colony starters" for Carpenter Ants. Grinding out your stumps not only mitigates this risk but also can help tidy up your outdoor space and prepare the ground for more beneficial uses.

Our Quick Service System:

Lindsay M

“Amazing work by Dawson with Vision! We had a massive cedar tree stump removed, was amazing to see how the machine ate it up! Thanks for being on time and prompt service! Happy to recommend".

Adele R

"Dawson did an amazing job grinding a few stumps for us. Not only did he work around chaos when we ended up having our driveway and yard dug up at the same time, he made it look easy. Super professional, efficient and knowledgeable and friendly. You couldn’t even tell where the stumps had been after he was done. Thank you! Highly recommend!"

Richard F

"It is refreshing and replaces my faith in humanity when a service is provided at the cost they said it would, at the time they promised and delivered high quality results. Well done Ben and team"!


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Tree Climbing in Campbell River


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