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About Vision


Vision Arboriculture Ltd. aims to be Campbell River, Comox, & Courtenay's first tree service provider to exclusively employ ISA Certified Arborists. 

Vision Arboriculture Ltd. is dedicated to following the best tree pruning practices set out by the leaders and authorities of our industry.

Vision Arboriculture Ltd. seeks to be a leader in our industry in regards to the safety of our workers and those we work for/with.

Vision Arboriculture Ltd. always maintains the highest insurance necessary and stays in good standing with WorksafeBC.


We Will Always:


When we interact with you our first goal is to grow our understanding of your unique ideas, concerns, and goals for your trees and yard.


If we don't know why we are cutting the tree; we shouldn't be.


Once we understand your VISION, it's up to us to communicate the best course of action to fulfill your goals and meet your expectations.

If you don't know why we are cutting the tree; we haven't done our job.


Now we get to the fun part; executing your work with absolute excellence. We only employ ISA Certified Arborists, rest assured.

If the job isn't done right; it shouldn't be done at all. 


I started Vision Arboriculture Ltd. in 2019 with the hope to educate and inspire the people of Campbell River to make informed choices regarding the health and life of their trees. I chose the name Vision because when pruning you need to look into the future to see what long term effects your recommendations will have, you have to think in decades - not days. I have always seen the work I do as a balance between helping my clients meet their goals, keeping their trees healthy, and considering the impact my decisions can have on my community. Being an Arborist & Tree climber is more than a job to me and I hope that it will show through my work. 

Ben Boykiw, Owner/Crew Lead

Ben Boykiw - ISA #: PN-8636A
Certified Arborist Technician
Falling & Bucking Endorsement
Certified Climbing Arborist
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